Media Kit

Our Rebranding has been a Success!


Following on the success of our long standing Canadian Meat Business platform, we are now widening our audience and reach in Canada and the United States and are proud to announce that we are rebranding as Meat Business Pro.


We will continue to publish our annual Buyer’s Guide, our monthly e-magazine along with our weekly e-newsletter The Meat Locker and our regular email blasts.


As the landscape of our industry has changed in recent times, especially considering the effects of the pandemic, we felt the need to expand our horizons and look at the issues as they impact all of the segments of these industries across North America.


Being part of this overall community which feeds our fellow citizens and strives forward during challenging times, we are compelled to look at the bigger picture to see how trade issues, regulatory concerns, animal welfare, food handling, safety protocols and inspection processes impact the meat and food processing industries.


Our world is changing, this industry is changing, access to technology is changing, the way in which we distribute information is changing and now so have we as we continue to support and promote the meat and food processing industries.


We’d love to talk to you if you are interested in reaching our audience to enhance your advertising and marketing programs.


View our 2024 Meat Business Pro Media Kit and be a part of this exciting platform today!